Shady Lane Wagons regularly carries, in stock, refurbished carriages, wagons and sleighs of all kinds for sale.

Restoration services are also available for your own horse drawn vehicles, antique or contemporary.

Please call or visit us for more information about our restoration process.


Whn contacting us about a particular carriage or item on this website, please be sure to refer to the catalog number listed in red.








#2025 - Single-Seat Sleigh - New, painted red with green velveteen seats. Wheels available.

Comes in mini, pony, cob, horse and draft horse sizes. Other sleighs and passenger sizes available. Choice of color and fabric.



#2010 - Portland cutter, draft size shats, good condition.



#1193 - Portland cutter, horse size shafts, good condition.




#975 - Albany cutter, horse size shaft, fair condition.



#2049 - Two-seat bob-sled, red naugahide cushions, horse size pole,( shafts available, )very good condition.



#2026 - Tan cloth cushions, wheels option, comes with horse size shafts. NEW condition.



bob sleigh


#2026 - Bob Sleigh - new from factory. Customize your colors and fabrics. Horse or draft size, comes with shafts.

Pole extra. Wheels optional.



vis-a-vis sleigh


#2027 - Vis-a-vis Sleigh - Available in different colors, with shafts and/or pole and wheels




#2167 - Vis-a-vis Sleigh - cob size, with shafts and pole. New condition.





#BELLS - Brass sleigh bells, avialable in 6, 12 and 29 bell straps



Options on custom sleighs include: your choice of paint and fabric colors; pin-striping; hydraulic brakes; running lights;

patent leather fenders and dashes; cup holders; rein rails; patent leather shaft wraps; storage boxes; shafts or poles; and more.

We also carry forcarts. See our Contact page for more information about in-stock vehicles and saddles!



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