Shady Lane Wagons regularly carries, in stock, refurbished carriages, wagons and sleighs of all kinds for sale.

Restoration services are also available for your own horse drawn vehicles, antique or contemporary.

Please call or visit us for more information about our restoration process.


Whn contacting us about a particular carriage or item on this website, please be sure to refer to the catalog number listed in red.








#2028 - Wagonette (four passenger) - Amish made. Wood, natural stain, vinyl seats. .

Side entry for driver, rear entry for passengers. Comes in mini, pony, cob, horse and draft horse sizes, in various lengths.

Available in other color combinations. Optional accesories include battery operated running lights for road use, rein rail, pole,

and fringed top. Hydraulic brakes are standard to this carriage.



#2081 - Wagonette, cut under, hydrauloc brakes, horse size hafts, like new.




#2029 - Two-Seated Mini Wagon - Stained oak. Avilable with one or two seats. Wood wheels with rubber tires and friction block brakes

Comes with shafts - pole available.





#2031 - Marathon Wagon - Bird-in-Hand Red Hawk comes with pnuematic or steel wheels, disc brakes, independant shafts, full fifith wheel with platform suspension. Optional four bolt system for quick wheel change. 460 pounds. Available in pony and horse size.




#1105 - Back-to-back trap. Horse size, disc brakes, comes with pole and shafts. Dark green with black tufted seats.


2006 eagle


#2006 - Horse size Eagle, wagonette rear. Comes with box, extras.


2064 marathon


#2064 - Marathon type wagonette, comes with pole, shafts and brakes.


1188 eagle


#1188 - Eagle, painted and in mint condition. Horse size, with extra wide body, comes with shafts.


2054 spider phaeton


#2054 - Spider Phaeton, horse size comes with disc brakes, shafts. Cover and lamps also available.


2062 pony phaeton


#2062 -Pony Phaeton, suitable for large pony or cob size horse. Comes with pole and shafts. Mint condition.


2040 pony buggy


#2040 - Pony Buggy, with spindle seat. Light weight.



#2076 - Buggy, pony size shafts and pole. Mint condition.



hay wagon


#2032 - Hay Ride Wagon - Nuematic wheels, available with two or four wheel hydraulic brakes. Horse pole or tractor hitch.

Various sizes available.




spring wagon


Spring Wagon - New & Used available for road use or lawn ornaments.





# - Applecart - push cart for use in display.






# - Sleigh/wagon combo, comes with interchangable tires and sleigh runners (bobs). Side load, tractor tungue.



stage coach


# 1148 - Stage Coach -New, has hand brakes, comes with draft size pole. Cloth interior, genuine leather covering boot.






#936 & #937 - Hay Ride Wagons - Your choice, side or back load, canopy tops, pole or tractor hitches available. Other options available.



SL Hitch


#2036 - Full sized hitch wagon, comes with six-horse hitch set-up, triplr-tree, hydraulic brakes.





#2038 -Sleepl wagons, made to order. Your choice of running gear, floor plan.Canvas top, operational window in the back Many options available - call for details.





#2037 - Horse size wagon, available with one or two seats. Comes with mechanical brakes, aluminum running gear and aluminum pole.




#2033 - Wagon Bench Seat - Oak, stock item, various sizes. Cushions available.



#128, #500, #630 - Express Wagons- available with seats, higher sides ,can be shipped UPS.



Options on custom wagons include: your choice of paint and fabric colors; pin-striping; hydraulic brakes; running lights;

patent leather fenders and dashes; cup holders; rein rails; patent leather shaft wraps; storage boxes; shafts or poles; and more.

We also carry forcarts. See our Contact page for more information about in-stock vehicles and saddles!



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